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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review: Island Getaway in Galveston

Planning a trip to Texas? Galveston may be a bit of a drive but it is worth a trip. Various people are making their way to this island all year round for a lot of reasons and enjoyments – beautiful Gulf beaches, wildlife displays, a cruise to the Caribbean, specialty cuisines, thrill rides, museums and many other attractions.


There is so much to do in Galveston, good thing the island offers a wide variety of hotel options for tourists who want to visit and explore their charming big city. Some of these hotels are just steps away from the beach and within walking distance of fishing piers, fine restaurants and family entertainment.


Romantic Getaways in Galveston


If you are seeking for an ultimate thrill-seeking romantic getaway with your partner then Galveston Island is a perfect choice! The bizarre charm of this island will definitely give a brand new energy into your relationship. From a charming bed and breakfast to romantic evenings, spending “island time” here can rekindle your romance.


Galveston Family Vacation


Travel with your family and stay at one of Galveston’s family friendly condos and hotels. You can find cheap deals near Galveston’s top attractions, all it takes is a little research to find just the right spot for your family while staying on budget.


Discounts at Moody Gardens


Moody Gardens is an education tourist destination in Galveston, because it’s spring break, they now offer discounts, new attractions and plenty of activities to provide an enjoyable vacation for you and your friends!


Pier 21 at Galveston


Pier 21 is an entertainment destination located on Galveston’s historic harbor in The Historic Strand Seaport Area. Some attractions at Pier 21 are theaters, seafood restaurants, boat rides and world class museums which offer the opportunity to explore the rich history of Galveston. Dining options include Nonno Tony’s World Kitchen and Olympia Grill with a view of the Galveston’s Harbor.


Galveston – not just for Vacation


Planning a business meeting? Galveston is known as a vacation destination, yet it can also be a perfect place to satisfy all of your business meeting needs.

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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Island Hotels – Where to Stay

People flock to Galveston year-round for lots of reasons. They enjoy the beaches, attractions and wildlife for weeks at a time, or for just a night or two before setting off to cruise the Caribbean. Fortunately, the island offers a wide variety of accommodations, from swanky resorts and beach houses to budget-conscious lodging and cozy bed-and-breakfasts. Choosing the place that’s right for you may seem like an overwhelming task, but the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau is happy to help! Call their toll-free visitor line (888-GAL-ISLE) for suggestions. 


Hotels for Every Need

Whether you want luxury or just a clean place to crash after a day on the beach, Galveston has dozens of hotel options, most near the center of the island and major attractions.


Charming Bed and Breakfasts

Quaint and cozy, bed and breakfasts shouldn’t be overlooked. They offer all the comforts of home and are particularly suitable for couples seeking romantic getaways or picture-perfect places for weddings.


Family-Friendly Houses and Condos

These range from upscale condos with luxury amenities to beachfront homes that sleep entire families. Though situated all over the island, those on the West End offer a bit more privacy, as well as plenty of room (typically) for large groups.

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The Peterson Group LLC: Leadership is Never Based on Position

The Peterson Group LLC: Leadership is Never Based on Position

It is a common misconception that if a person is higher in rank than the others, he is already considered the leader of the pact.  Even managers have this kind of mindset.


Well, fact is, they will not be somehow on that spot if they had not shown leadership streaks, will they? After all, famous author and speaker, John Maxwell has defined leadership as having the competence to exude influence on others, thus gaining the chance to outstand over their peers. Perhaps influence means having to step up the ladder with the help of back up?


However, in his review, Prof. Mel Holcom of Arizona State University clearly states that “the first thing to realize is that taking advantage of a leadership opportunity does not necessarily mean moving up the career ladder.”


How then do we define leadership? And who are those worthy of being called a leader if it is not based on rank or position?


The Peterson Group, a leadership development and organizational consulting firm, states that you do not necessarily have to be an official to be a leader. Leadership goes more than a position or authority. The key is demonstrating relationship skills and, as Maxwell has emphasized, influence.


Setting up a good relationship among your colleagues is an important factor in being a leader, even if you are in the same level with them in a team. It is a big deal among human beings to know there is a person who understands them or someone they can go to when they need it. People can also instinctively know if you are being a fraud through your actions or being true in your intentions. The real emphasis on the C’s (charisma, character, commitment, courage and communication) amounts to the level of relationship you have built with other people, not with how many people are under you.


Influence, on the other hand, is a crucial element in leadership. Leadership can never exist without influence. Influence is not on how many influential people can back you up and get you on top of the pyramid; it is on how many people are willing to give you the position because they know you deserve it. 


On a healthy debate held for leadership development among students in Jakarta, Indonesia, reasons for being a leader without holding a position was brought to light. Among the most essential characteristics aside from the aforementioned are initiative, discernment, generosity and focus, characteristics which does not necessarily require rank or position.

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Mossack Fonseca: BVI Financial Services on New Website & Social Media


The BVI Financial Services Implementation Unit (FSIU) is using their new website and social media pages to “inform, educate and engage the population on the subject of financial services”, according to a BVI press release on November 18, 2015.


On the website, BVI Forward Campaign, visitors will have immediate access to the report of the financial services consultancy, the ten priority initiatives being pursued as part of the campaign, as well as the latest industry and campaign related news. The website will also feature continuous messages from various spokespersons including industry executives, senior industry professionals, and others.


The FSIU has also created the following web pages to share actionable information about financial services and their current efforts to strengthen the industry:


• BVI Forward Facebook

• BVI Forward Twitter

• BVI Forward LinkedIn

• BVI Forward YouTube


Director of the FSIU, Mr. Kedrick Malone said “The BVI Forward campaign relies heavily on our website and social media because young people are part of a key demographic we need to engage on financial services. We have targeted information for various age groups and inclusive of all forms of media but we will focus extensively on digital and social media simply because of the pervasive influence among persons in that age category”.

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Mossack Fonseca on China & Switzerland: Begin Direct Currency Trading

Monday, November 9th, 2015


With the authorization of the People's Bank of China, the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) announced that beginning November 10, 2015 they will launch direct trading between the yuan, also known as the renminbi (RMB), and the Swiss Franc (CHF) on the inter-bank foreign exchange market.


China is seeking to promote its yuan as a global reserve currency alongside the dollar, an ambition that depends on its willingness and ability to loosen tight restrictions on the currency's trade.


One major step towards achieving Beijing's goal is convincing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to include the yuan in its internal "special drawing rights" reserve currency basket. The IMF is expected to make its decision regarding the yuan in the near future.


“This is an important step in strengthening bilateral economic and trade connections between China and Switzerland,” the People’s Bank of China said in a statement on its website. The link will help lower conversion costs and facilitate the use of both currencies in bilateral trade, it added.


The yuan can only move up or down two percent against the US dollar from a mid-rate set daily by the central bank. The Swiss franc will be allowed to fluctuate five percent on either side of a central rate, the CEFTS’s statement said.

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Mossack Fonseca Panamá

Mossack Fonseca Group International, fundado en Panamá desde 1977, presenta un vídeo acerca del compromiso social que esta compañía realiza mediante obras y actos plausibles para la comunidad local.

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Dr. Richard S. Isaacs

Dr. Richard S. Isaacs

Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctor

#6 of 63 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctors in Sacramento, California



• Wayne State Univ Sch Of Med, Detroit Mi 48201 (Grad. 1988)